Sennin no Tsukimi no Utage will take place in the evening of Mid-Autumn full moon by the Yodogawa River bank.
Please bring your own flashlight.

Takigi-Noh summary

Noh is a traditional Japanese theater with specialized singing and instruments including the flute and the drum. Takigi-Noh is a night performance around a fire.

Tsukimii summary

Tsukimi is a seasonal event to enjoy the viewing of a full moon. Japanese people like to decorate with Pampas grass and offer rice dumplings to the moon.


Tatsumi Manjiro
Yamamoto Yoshifumi
Other performers

Location & Hours

Date Sep. 27th, 2015 (Mid-Autumn full moon)
Time 15:00 - 21:00
Place Yodogawa River bank in Hirakata
Entrance Free

The event will be cancelled only in case of heavy rain.


10-minute walk from Hirakata Station on the Keihan Line. 5-minute walk from Hirakata Kouen Station on the Keihan Line.
Car Parking is not available. Please use public transportation to Sennin noTsukimi no Utage.